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How to become a riding instructor

Riding Instructor

Many of the young Amazons and horse riders transmit their interest and enthusiasm for being riding instructors.  It is a very nice activity, but it has things in favor and things against it. Here we clarify some things and we give you some recommendations.

It is in this course where the Officer of Cavalry and/or artillery is trained as:

Entry profile

The applicant for the Equitation Instructor course must have a permanent disposition to learn to unlearn what has been learned, with self-control and adaptation in the specific knowledge of the mounted cavalry and with basic notions of the management of equine cattle, as well as good attitudes of academic improvement, health and physical culture, having capacity for work with equine cattle, teamwork and being prudent in making decisions as a future commander of a mounted squadron.

Group Riding

You can obtain your riding instructors license or that of your horse even if you are not a citizen of the US online by accessing the particular causes, horse riding certificate and results.

If the license is for a rider, remember to choose the category appropriate to your age and the competitor mode if you are going to participate in territorial contests. If the license is for the horse, he also chooses the correct modality: competitor or non-competitor.

Professional profile

If you want to be a good horse riding instructor, requires a good training not only in the area of horses, but in aspects such as physiology of exercise, pedagogy, regulations, security, office … This means being updated as best as possible to make more effective your homework.

It physically wears. Generally, in Spain, due to the favorable climate, we usually work outdoors, with what this entails in terms of meteor attacks on the skin and health (rain, wind, cold, sun). That requires the use of moisturizing and protective creams all year round, apart from providing the appropriate clothing for winter and summer.

It requires being always alert, like the good drivers who anticipate the complications of circulation to avoid accidents, because the same.

In our case we always have to go one step ahead of the students and constantly anticipate what may happen to try to avoid or minimize, as far as possible, the consequences of accidents (which occur both mounted and foot to ground).

As it is an outdoor sport and leisure activity, it also takes place on weekends and holidays, so that weekend “getaways” or vacations are conditioned to someone can supply me following criteria of responsibility and without students feeling insecure when changing teachers.

One needs to possess good physical condition, with an ability to analyze complex situations, as well as, defender and promoter of human rights and international humanitarian law.

Occupational profile

The officer can serve as a commander of a mounted squadron with self-esteem and systemic thinking to make decisions in the fields of their professional and personal actions by performing a coordinated teamwork intelligently solving problems and conflicts, as well as planning, maintaining the care, ironwork and proper assistance of first aid of the equine cattle with which its unit counts to be able to develop irregular combat operations in the best conditions of mobility by means of the control of the personnel and livestock that integrates the unit.

It also integrates the military equestrian equipment of the military forces participating adequately in competitions in each of its modalities at a national and international level with capacity for management and resource management.

One needs to keep in mind that there are some of the official studies (training cycles or university degrees) that allow this profession to be practiced. Keep in mind that depending on the field of specialization, it is possible that you have to supplement the training with other more specific courses in the sector. Ongoing training is a key aspect of professional improvement.